COMP4108 — Fall 2012

Computer Systems Security


Nov 17th - Assignment #5

The content for Assignment #5 has been posted. You may work individually or in teams of 2. Reminder: Assignment #5 is worth 10% of your course grade.

Nov 12th - Reading Responses

Information about the reading responses has been added to Dr. Van Oorschot's COMP4108 Home Page.

Nov 11th - Slides

I have updated the course slides page to contain the post-midterm material.


Assignment Environment

The Assignments for COMP4108 will be completed in a virtual environment that will be provided to you. Each student will be assigned a username, password and port # for their respective Linux VM.

You are expected to have some familiarity with the Linux shell; common commands, rudimentary BASH scripting, piping and redirecting output. Many good Cheat Sheets, tutorials and guides exist that can help you review this material.

Assignment Submissions

Assignment submissions are due by 11:59pm on the due date listed. Please submit assignments by e-mail to dmccarney (àŧ) with the subject COMP4108. Failure to include COMP4108 in the subject line may result in your e-mail being overlooked!

Please format your submissions as a single-column PDF report with a cover page, and appropriate section headings. Please do not submit word documents, rich text files, or anything other than a PDF. Clearly mark the question you are answering and include all relevant material (i.e. not just the answer, but any code/scripts written, commands run, and any output).

ALL students must agree to abide by the system rules when utilizing the COMP4108 Assignment Virtual Machines. Failure to do so will result in penalization at the discretion of the course instructor. The system rules are displayed upon connecting to the machine (via the message of the day) and can also be viewed at any time using cat /Shared/00_rules.txt.

1 Do not interfere with or alter the VM of another student in any way shape or form.
2 Do not abuse the network, generate excessive traffic, or engage in any scanning or mapping activities.
3 Do not modify the state of your VM except as dictated in assignment instructions.
4 Do not power down or reboot your VM. If it doesn't come back up, you will require the (disgruntled) intervention of your TA.
5 Do not alter or interfere with the comp4108 user if you intend your work to be graded.
6 Do not keep anything of value on the VM. It is wiped between assignments. Backup your work.
7 Have fun. When in doubt, ask the TA.